1. graham476cat
2. czechjett41
3. 49bjoe
4. lmsheehan05
1.graham476cat 01/30/2018
AVX Extends its Portfolio of High-Performance, Low-Pass Integrated Thin Film Filters With Six New 8W, 1206 Chip-Size Solutions Spanning 700MHz to 3.8GHz
2.49bjoe 01/03/2018
Anyone need news? - AVX Corporation Announces a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Ethertronics
3.graham476cat 02/26/2018
Ethertronics Unveils 5G Millimeter Wave Test Services and Chamber, Solves Challenges of Testing 5G Antenna Performance
4.czechjett41 01/25/2018
This is stupid
5.czechjett41 02/16/2018
AVX is the First to Offer Space-Level X7R BME MLCCs Approved to MIL-PRF-32535
6.lmsheehan05 01/25/2018
Wrong direction on a clear beat
7.49bjoe 01/25/2018
Lil News Out - Beats EPS estimates by $0.03 and beats on revenues
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