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2. DayOneToday
3. m9rkeulv
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5. scary02
1.m9rkeulv 05/14/2018
Announces signing of a definitive agreement
2.DayOneToday 12/24/2017
Sony’s YouTube Music Deal Is Major Win: Jefferies
3.DayOneToday 02/05/2018
Very good news
4.angelawebster81 02/02/2018
SNE leads today, closing up 5.78%.
5.angelawebster81 03/10/2018
Sony is in talks to acquire majority stake in EMI Music Publishing, according to Bloomberg
6.angelawebster81 01/23/2018
Sony cut to neutral.... blahhhh
7.angelawebster81 07/12/2018
Hedgeye adds to Best Idea Long list
8.angelawebster81 05/22/2018
Sony will buy out EMI Music Publishing for about $1.9 billion
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