1. gauswgat4zootp
2. jrpassaro
3. edward7829
4. radiodaveus
5. gordon3799
1.gauswgat4zootp 04/17/2018
Synopsys Extends HAPS Prototyping Family with New Desktop Prototyping Solution
2.gordon3799 04/05/2018
Synopsys Replenishes Repurchase Authorization to $500 Million
3.edward7829 03/22/2018
Company has acquired Silicon and Beyond Private Limited, a provider of high-speed SerDes technology used in …
4.edward7829 03/20/2018
Synopsys Introduces Breakthrough Fusion Technology to Transform the RTL-to-GDSII Flow
5.jrpassaro 01/31/2018
These guys put out a lot of PRs
6.radiodaveus 02/21/2018
7.gauswgat4zootp 01/23/2018
Synopsys DFTMAX LogicBIST Deployed by Renesas for In-System Automotive Test
8.gauswgat4zootp 02/21/2018
Raised est
9.gauswgat4zootp 01/29/2018
Nice dd - Synopsys' New ARC HS Development Kit Accelerates Software Development for ARC-based Systems
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