1. silverfairy4500
2. sdra66goetz
3. vasilateanu
4. dadsmith12
5. shadobox7991
1.silverfairy4500 02/01/2018
Southern's PowerSecure awarded $51 mln contract to repair/restore the electric power grid in Puerto Rico
2.silverfairy4500 02/14/2018
Southern's PowerSecure awarded a $99,751,732 Army modification to contract
3.sdra66goetz 03/14/2018
Georgia Power renewable growth to continue throughout 2018
4.sdra66goetz 02/12/2018
5.silverfairy4500 03/30/2018
Gaskell West 1 Solar Facility in California begins commercial operation
6.sdra66goetz 04/10/2018
Plant Farley Unit 1 planned activities underway for the continued production of clean, safe, reliable and affordable nuclear energy
7.vasilateanu 04/05/2018
Georgia Power, employees and Georgia Power Foundation invest $21 million to improve Georgia communities in 2017
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