1. TTrade333
2. allenThetoolman
3. rublemizers456
4. Straightshooter
5. aceinvestor
1.allenThetoolman 10/18/2017
BIG NEWS Investors Race to Buy Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SPPI) Shares; Here’s Why
2.Straightshooter 10/18/2017
300% + up from June. Might pullback
3.allenThetoolman 09/28/2017
$SPPI market cap should be 2B$ at least, a steal here folks! Big volume and looks very ready for big breakout! 5-star analyst Edward White from H.C. Wainwright rated $SPPI w/a Buy. {Link}
4.TTrade333 03/07/2018
nice bottom bounce play here....
5.TTrade333 04/10/2018
target $20
6.rublemizers456 03/07/2018
7.rublemizers456 04/10/2018
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals' (SPPI) Encouraging Clinical Update in NSCLC Gets the Bulls in a Buying Frenzy
8.allenThetoolman 03/07/2018
No losses here if you dont sell
9.TTrade333 02/05/2018
H.C. Wainwright & Co. raises PT to $33
10.aceinvestor 10/18/2017
boom! in at $12 in late Sept
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