1. cfpalombo
2. 5todabar
3. dpcrash
4. SebastianXL
5. knightofthebrown
1.5todabar 04/19/2018
Company acquires Zesty, a catering platform; terms not disclosed
2.dpcrash 11/17/2017
Square Stock Surges Following Upgrade at Evercore
3.SebastianXL 06/01/2018
Company raises Q2 and full-year revenue guidance
4.5todabar 11/17/2017
Been killing it this year
5.vicki0073 05/04/2018
Oppenheimer Sheds Encouraging Light on Square (SQ) 1Q Earnings Show
6.looking2buysva 03/26/2018
Competition is looming for the digital payment processor, and one analyst things its time to get out as a re…
7.knightofthebrown 11/17/2017
SQ is now a proxy for Bitcoin
8.knightofthebrown 04/27/2018
Thought I'd share: - Square (SQ): Here's What to Expect from a Weebly Takeover; Nomura Shares Two Cents
9.cfpalombo 02/21/2018
BTIG Urges Investors to Sell Square Inc (SQ) and Buy LendingClub Corp (LC)
10.dpcrash 02/28/2018
Square Inc (SQ): A Story of Overbaked Hope and Uncertainty?
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