1. willster76
2. usajunk
3. stocksurfer
4. unckybob
5. lilderail
1.stocksurfer 03/05/2018
Announces initial results from Hepatic ImmunoTherapy for Metastases-Surefire Phase 1b single arm trial
2.usajunk 02/05/2018
Sorrento Therapeutics and Yuhon Coporation's joint venture, ImmuneOncia,
3.willster76 02/07/2018
Approval to begin clinical trial of Anti-PD-L1 Monoclonal Antibody in South Korea
4.stocksurfer 03/30/2018
It does not stay this low forever
5.usajunk 03/28/2018
Sorrento Therapeutics Announces Unsecured $120.5M Convertible Note Financing
6.stocksurfer 01/19/2018
Oldie but goodie
7.lilderail 03/30/2018
Great news for $SRNE! -
8.willster76 01/19/2018
Really nice action the last month
9.lilderail 04/05/2018
Sorrento and Celularity to Start Anti-CD38 CAR-T Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma (NCT03464916)
10.stocksurfer 03/30/2018
Sorrento Therapeutics Chairman/CEO update to stockholders
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