1. danielwilliamsms
2. tyldesley4554
3. bigkjh
4. alfo3593
1.bigkjh 08/07/2018
Company to sell eight radio stations in Boise and Tucson to Lotus Communications for $8 mln;
2.tyldesley4554 01/26/2018
Recent News - Benchmark Co. reiterates Buy rating, $21 PT
3.danielwilliamsms 01/28/2018
$SSP - Guggenheim reiterates Hold rating, $18 PT
4.alfo3593 05/24/2018
Scripps has renewed affiliation agreements for ABC, CBS stations in several markets
5.bigkjh 01/25/2018
6.tyldesley4554 01/25/2018
Company announced restructuring and cost reductions expected to yield more than $30 million in annual cost
7.danielwilliamsms 01/25/2018
stock is up!!
8.danielwilliamsms 02/28/2018
Scripps reports fourth-quarter 2017 results
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