1. blackopsstreet
2. BillyMadison
3. oklaw4
4. er09
5. littlewonmaidofi
1.er09 10/18/2017
Expect a run up in pre-market. Its bullish the CEO retired. Raised guidance and solid top/bottom line beat across the board.
2.shawngill0789 10/18/2017
CEO Out next year
3.BillyMadison 10/18/2017
This ought to be up additional $1 or so.. Everything sounds great, numbers look right and going into holidays this ought to be 94 and running tomorrow
4.blackopsstreet 10/18/2017
It would appear that it is backpedaling to 91 for the level help, and choose from that point on the off chance that it goes bring down on day by day searching for support.
5.littlewonmaidofi 04/19/2018
American Express Reports First-Quarter EPS of $1.86
6.oklaw4 01/30/2018
American Express Acquires Mezi
7.littlewonmaidofi 02/02/2018
MS does up the price!?
8.blackopsstreet 06/26/2018
Amazon and American Express launching a co-branded card for small businesses
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