1. TheSeykota
2. chuckbouch6
3. ChenTrader84
4. demelisa4536
5. primetimetim
1.ChenTrader84 11/02/2017
I use them for my ebay business. Always been solid which is why i bought at $112
2.ChenTrader84 11/07/2017
You think today was just a rebound and it will continue down to fill it in? Or are we going to bounce back up to the $200a
3.primetimetim 11/07/2017
Sometimes the market doesnt make sense
4.chuckbouch6 06/21/2018
Shares lower after White House proposes restructuring of the Postal Service
5.chuckbouch6 10/25/2017
What's it going to be?
6.ChenTrader84 02/22/2018
Let's go
7.TheSeykota 11/03/2017
Even at worth almost 4B with only 400MM in revs. 10x valuation is low
8.TheSeykota 02/21/2018
Bought more $STMP today.
9.chuckbouch6 11/02/2017
Another beat
10.mrie1182 07/27/2018
Maxim Group sets PT at $320
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