1. blackclouds
2. Straightshooter
3. 464895
4. mjcwong
1.mjcwong 01/29/2018
Mizuho Securities reiterates Hold rating
2.blackclouds 01/08/2018
Nice update today. - Seagate Technology Announces Preliminary Financial Information for Fiscal Second Quarter 2018 and Completion of Long-Term NAND Supply Agreement With Toshiba Memory Corporation
3.blackclouds 10/23/2017
Crap products
4.blackclouds 01/08/2018
Stake in Ripple
5.Straightshooter 01/29/2018
sounds good - Beats EPS estimates by $0.13 and beats on revenues
6.Straightshooter 01/08/2018
Update for $STX
7.blackclouds 04/10/2018
Morgan Stanley raises price target to $72 from $51
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