1. SPICKS100
2. babypam2u
3. mtpgroove4
4. azianxter
5. munchkin000
1.babypam2u 03/13/2018
Anyone want to comment on this news?
2.mtpgroove4 04/26/2018
Axsome Therapeutics Announces Positive Outcome of Interim Analysis of STRIDE-1 Phase 3 Trial of AXS-05 in Treatment Resistant Depression
3.babypam2u 01/09/2018
Despicable news
4.SPICKS100 02/27/2018
Axsome Therapeutics Announces Primary Endpoint Met in Phase 1 Trial of Next Generation Product Candidate AXS-09 Containing Chirally Pure Esbupropion and Dextromethorphan
5.babypam2u 02/26/2018
Announces primary endpoint met in Phase 1 trial of AXS-09
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