1. quiet81mail
2. 09szorro
3. joanyboany
4. nalake64
1.joanyboany 04/12/2018
Synchrony Opens Emerging Tech Center at the University of Illinois to Develop Artificial Intelligence Solutions
2.09szorro 07/27/2018
Announces $2.2 bln share buyback
3.joanyboany 04/20/2018
Synchrony Financial Reports First Quarter Net Earnings of $640 Million or $0.83 Per Diluted Share
4.09szorro 05/10/2018
SYF to acquire Loop Commerce
5.quiet81mail 05/17/2018
Announces $2.2 bln share buyback authorization
6.quiet81mail 04/05/2018
Citigroup initiates as a neutral, $37PT
7.quiet81mail 03/28/2018
UBS initiates as a sell, $32PT
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