1. manofgod87
2. jordynschn
3. lostinc22
4. oscarrene5445
5. lmh3267
1.jordynschn 04/25/2018
2.manofgod87 01/24/2018
Board of Directors approved the share repurchase program
3.lmh3267 01/25/2018
why the drop
4.lostinc22 01/26/2018
Very good PT here
5.manofgod87 01/25/2018
Strong news today - Expects Universal Robots growth +50% this year (+72% in 2017); SOC market size $2.4-2.8 bln; memory market si…
6.lostinc22 01/26/2018
Stifel Nicolaus raises PT to $54 from $46
7.jordynschn 01/25/2018
Got some more today
8.clakamas 04/26/2018
Needham & Co. cuts PT to $45
9.manofgod87 04/25/2018
Trash today
10.jordynschn 01/25/2018
Sees Q1 revs of $460-490 mln vs. $489.63 mln
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