1. Carpaticoma
2. MinistryofCharts
3. usmikewmv75vd3
4. kvompe
5. l3284
1.kvompe 01/30/2018
Let them be
2.l3284 02/06/2018
From a Bull to a Bear; Tim Chiang Is Officially Throwing in the Towel
3.almondshield95 02/08/2018
Maxim Group
4.Carpaticoma 01/30/2018
Bear's Eyes Are on Teva Pharmaceutical Industries L
5.usmikewmv75vd3 04/30/2018
Teva Presents New Long-Term Data Demonstrating Efficacy and Safety of COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate injection) 40 mg/mL
6.MinistryofCharts 01/11/2018
Bullish article out
7.l3284 02/01/2018
Allergan to pay Teva Pharm $700 million to settle dispute
8.l3284 02/22/2018
9.usmikewmv75vd3 05/15/2018
Teva shares up 5% on Berkshire's increased stake
10.almondshield95 02/08/2018
roller coaster. {Image}
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