1. BillyBob
2. chartsANDthangs
3. Larry123Gains
4. hg5178
5. gizzi48
1.BillyBob 09/13/2017
@chartsANDthangs Will it hurt their earnings tho? Their stock has been up and down the last few years...
2.swedencup494 05/31/2018
BofA/Merrill Lynch adds to US 1 list, $86PT
3.Larry123Gains 09/13/2017
@chartsANDthangs Announced today that they will be hiring 100,000 for holiday season rush
4.BillyBob 09/13/2017
@chartsANDthangs They did do well last quarter: However, Target did report last quarter that its online sales jumped 32 percent and its revenue beat Wall Street expectations {Link}
5.chartsANDthangs 09/08/2017
Good news coming from Target Corp today
6.hg5178 02/14/2018
R.W. Baird raises to outperform
7.BillyBob 01/09/2018
Nice bit of news. Upped guidance
8.vicjohn54 05/24/2018
Wall Street and investors
9.gizzi48 03/27/2018
Shipt and Target to Launch Same-Day Delivery Across New England
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