1. michaelj67
2. lotsofluck
3. thenutbreaker
4. modernborn
5. lamyakay37811
1.michaelj67 10/23/2017
Shorts are piling up
2.lotsofluck 10/23/2017
{Image} WSJ https://www.wsj.com/articles/tenet-healthcare-is-exploring-options-including-a-possible-sale-of-the-company-1505334783
3.michaelj67 05/01/2018
Don't miss your chance.
4.michaelj67 10/18/2017
Hospitals Brace For Unpaid Patient Bills After Trump Ends Obamacare Subsidies
5.thenutbreaker 05/03/2018
Leerink Partners
6.thenutbreaker 11/27/2017
New CEO should be announced soon.
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