1. sunstocks
2. pennypinch11
3. tjgasman
4. guy67charret
5. happyinvestor
1.guy67charret 11/07/2017
Dont forget about 2 Million bought AH
2.sunstocks 11/05/2017
Is there still a RS coming?
3.happyinvestor 11/05/2017
Gunna be a wild ride
4.tjgasman 11/05/2017
Only a $6mil market cap at the moment. Havent bought yet but watching
5.pennypinch11 02/06/2018
taking of profits and running with it
6.wolfmanmike 11/09/2017
7.tjgasman 11/07/2017
Big day today...
8.sunstocks 11/09/2017
Lots of shorts here
9.guy67charret 01/03/2018
Top Ships Inc. announces extension of Time Charters for four vessels
10.wolfmanmike 05/29/2018
Are you kidding? Horrible management of the company. RS is common. DEBT, need I say more
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