1. lukie25
2. lotsofluck
3. eadji39
4. airinthegreat77
5. sealedge
1.eadji39 05/11/2018
Company to acquire Ovation Credit Services for $20.75 mln
2.lotsofluck 02/26/2018
LendingTree Reports 4Q & FY 2017 Results Above Guidance
3.lukie25 10/07/2017
New all time high-- good day 😊
4.lukie25 10/07/2017
Someone did well
5.lotsofluck 10/07/2017
Just look at that chart.... wow {Image}
6.lukie25 06/13/2018
LendingTree Completes Acquisition of Ovation Credit Services
7.eadji39 05/14/2018
LendingTree, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Ovation Credit Services
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