1. wedrivehorses
2. ronsholt
3. jennid99
4. drsillinois
5. kirkskraft
1.jennid99 02/07/2018
tronc Acquires Majority Interest in BestReviews
2.drsillinois 02/07/2018
nice, get out of the newspaper biz
3.fuse7933 02/07/2018
tronc, Inc. Announces Sale of the Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune to Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong for $500 Million Plus the Assumption of $90 Million in Pension Liabilities
4.kirkskraft 01/31/2018
Cars.com and tronc Agree to Early Conversion of Affiliate Markets
5.jennid99 04/16/2018
Axios reports that "SoftBank is among several possible buyers" for the company
6.wedrivehorses 02/07/2018
Congrats longs +3.45 (19.1%) {Image}
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