1. johjugfkpvx8s2rv
2. starbuck7999
3. samour71
4. joestrades
5. davichalfan9
1.joestrades 09/10/2017
InitiatedGoldman Buy
2.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 02/07/2018
Reports Q3 EPS of $0.21 (one outlet reporting as a beat of $0.25). Misses on revenues.
3.joestrades 02/21/2018
Video-game sales jumped 59% in January
4.glo090 08/03/2018
5.starbuck7999 04/25/2018
Video game sales came to $1.316B
6.davichalfan9 02/01/2018
Company to delay Red Dead Redemption 2 - will launch on October 26, 2018, instead of Spring 2018
7.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 04/10/2018
Grand Theft Auto V has sold a staggering number of units since its release - and its still going.
8.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 01/31/2018
EA earnings buzz boosting peer plays
9.davichalfan9 02/07/2018
Raised FY18 EPS
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