1. paul0g7G
2. lybra73
3. michaelj67
4. sunstocks
5. dexterpc4490
1.michaelj67 10/18/2017
Beat but price down
2.sunstocks 10/18/2017
Beat expectations... But la 33% cut in total rev sux
3.lybra73 02/07/2018
Positive mentions by Leon Cooperman on CNBC
4.dexterpc4490 05/08/2018
Reports April traffic;
5.lybra73 04/19/2018
United Airlines Reports First-Quarter 2018 Performance
6.lybra73 01/30/2018
JPMorgan raises to overweight
7.michaelj67 02/08/2018
UAL's January 2018 consolidated traffic
8.lybra73 01/24/2018
Still low
9.sunstocks 03/10/2018
Continues to expect Q1 passenger unit revenue +0-2%; reports February traffic +5.7%, with capacity +3.8%
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