1. lvbabies4749
2. tcknudson
3. sggamma
4. wsbirtch7995
5. Carpaticoma
1.sggamma 05/17/2018
UBS initiates as a buy
2.tcknudson 01/26/2018
I would be happy with $250
3.Carpaticoma 11/27/2017
On watch list
4.sggamma 02/12/2018
Report company will face lawsuit over allegedly selling repackaging returned, used products
5.sggamma 05/03/2018
Loop Capital cuts to hold
6.tcknudson 03/16/2018
KeyBanc sets PT at $270
7.lvbabies4749 01/22/2018
Spilling the beans.
8.lvbabies4749 01/26/2018
JPMorgan removes from focus list
9.lvbabies4749 01/26/2018
JPMorgan raises price target to $300 from $270
10.tcknudson 01/23/2018
Analyst: Buy Ulta Beauty Inc (ULTA) On Big Tax Benefits
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