1. silvia007949
2. metalgodzilla04
3. blupkwy
4. kevsclearinghous
5. fnstresst
1.blupkwy 03/23/2018
United Tech Pratt & Whitney Military Engines awarded $240 mln Navy contract for long-lead materials, parts, a…
2.metalgodzilla04 02/07/2018
Pratt & Whitney's First Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Singapore
3.kevsclearinghous 01/30/2018
4.blupkwy 02/28/2018
CNBC reports "well known" activist is said to have accumulated a small stake in United Technologies
5.blupkwy 05/17/2018
Bill Ackman calls for a breakup of United Technologies
6.kevsclearinghous 09/24/2018
United Tech said to mull a sale of its Chubb Fire & Security unit, according to Reuters
7.fnstresst 01/26/2018
nice up in PT
8.silvia007949 04/25/2018
United Technologies Reports First Quarter 2018 Results, Raises 2018 Outlook
9.metalgodzilla04 02/07/2018
Great news. Go $UTX
10.fnstresst 04/24/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.26 and beats on revenues
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