2. charmor126
3. eddiebaez
4. spcbb76
5. ItsNewman
1.charmor126 02/02/2018
Couldn't agree more
2.vivmawhinney 02/01/2018
Beats EPS
3.eddiebaez 01/25/2018
Morgan Stanley raises PT to $137 from $126
4.eddiebaez 10/23/2017
What about paypal though Should PayPal Be Trading At A Higher Multiple Than Visa, Mastercard? $V $MA $PYPL {Link}
5.spcbb76 02/09/2018
Company announces that it acquired software-as-a-service firm Fraedom for an undisclosed amount
6.PARTYPLAN09 10/23/2017
Expecting nice things
7.PARTYPLAN09 03/19/2018
CFO Vasant Prabhu had plenty to say about Bitcoin during a recent interview.
8.eddiebaez 02/26/2018
The company announced that fraud has dropped a whopping 70 percent for merchants accepting the new cards.
9.PARTYPLAN09 02/01/2018
Authorizes new $7.5 bln repurchase authorization
10.charmor126 10/23/2017
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