1. elitebio30
3. Altmedsresearch
4. patronhzu
5. johnbrownvilleme
1.patronhzu 04/10/2018
VBL Therapeutics Awarded $2.5 Million Non-Dilutive Grant by the Israel Innovation Authority
2.Altmedsresearch 11/16/2017
Approval looks imminent and manufacturing facility being put together! Im starting to think they had inquiries from institutions looking to buy stock.
3.TRADER32RAIDER 03/11/2018
I have been accumulating
4.elitebio30 03/11/2018
That's what put VBLT on my radar
5.TRADER32RAIDER 03/11/2018
I actually bought more and doubled my position
6.TRADER32RAIDER 11/16/2017
Nice bounce after offering
7.elitebio30 03/11/2018
Vascular Biogenics Ltd/VBL Therapeutics (VBLT) Stock Falls Apart on Underwhelming Clinical Data
8.elitebio30 03/10/2018
Vascular Biogenics Ltd (VBLT) Loses a Bull Following Disappointing GLOBE Flop
9.elitebio30 11/16/2017
10.Altmedsresearch 06/05/2018
Reported positive data on its VB-600 platform
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