1. GeniusByTrade
2. BillyMadison
3. eTruth
4. zhiggeOS29
5. ajdeen
1.zhiggeOS29 10/05/2017
Takeda worth more than 40 billion... Good thing we've been consolidating for a few days already. Company said biopsies were still accelerating. Increasing MACI sales force, again. Any predictions on
2.BillyMadison 09/29/2017
Epicel use increases during the winter as a consequence of "inappropriate or unfortunate accidental use of heating elements" Holding until buyout or until we get as big as pfizer!!
3.ajdeen 04/04/2018
Leerink Partners initiates as an outperform, $15PT
4.GeniusByTrade 03/05/2018
50% up this year
5.eTruth 03/05/2018
Vericel Corp (VCEL) Draws Jacked Up Price Target Following Stellar Earnings Show
6.GeniusByTrade 09/29/2017
Great week for this. I've been holding for quite awhile now.
7.GeniusByTrade 09/29/2017
Big week, Oct going to be huge. Early Nov earnings. $10 very soon {Link}
8.GeniusByTrade 10/05/2017
Looking for breakout above $6
9.GeniusByTrade 03/05/2018
Glad I held
10.BillyMadison 09/29/2017
{Image} Most after hours volume we've seen in a while, thoughts
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