1. STANZ6789
2. aburgwedel
3. SPICKS100
4. devoncurryleech
5. radiodaveus
1.aburgwedel 02/01/2018
Viacom and CBS are set to announce today that they're in the process of setting up special board committees…
2.STANZ6789 02/08/2018
what is the market going to be doing tomorrow?
3.devoncurryleech 05/29/2018
Three Viacom networks will stop airing reruns of ABCs Roseanne - spokesperson
4.SPICKS100 10/09/2017
Down about half
5.SPICKS100 10/10/2017
Well not selling at 52 week lows. Should have sold when I was up or set a stop. I'll take the dividend
6.STANZ6789 10/09/2017
Getting crushed on downgrade, but stock lks cheap.
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