1. hemzawi476
2. jmartinez328
3. 7weedy
1.7weedy 06/11/2018
Vical Reports Phase 2 Trial of HSV-2 Therapeutic Vaccine Did Not Meet Primary Endpoint
2.jmartinez328 01/22/2018
3.jmartinez328 01/22/2018
I knew I shouldnt have trusted the phase 2 results
4.hemzawi476 02/20/2018
Vical Initiates Phase 2 Trial of VL-2397 Antifungal for Invasive Aspergillosis
5.7weedy 01/22/2018
Down 25% but there is still life here
6.hemzawi476 01/22/2018
Astellas and Vical Announce Top-Line Results for Phase 3 Trial of Cytomegalovirus Vaccine ASP0113 in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients
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