1. lynymark
2. alzazello
3. catalystcrusin
4. fishingregg
5. evam324
1.shepsoup 06/07/2018
Proposed public offering of common stock
2.catalystcrusin 02/02/2018
Viking Therapeutics Inc Now Has Cash Runway to Hit Multiple Catalysts Through 2020;
3.fishingregg 10/02/2017
{Image} Bet the hip data won't be the only data we will see in October.
4.vincekim 01/08/2018
Had some but sold at $1.24
5.lynymark 05/31/2018
6.kcovington74 05/31/2018
7.alzazello 06/01/2018
Shares ripped higher following positive results from Madrigal.
8.bitsofgypsy 02/05/2018
NEWS - $VKTX - Viking Therapeutics Announces Pricing of $55.0 Million Public Offering of Common Stock
9.catalystcrusin 09/18/2018
Viking Therapeutics Stock Skyrockets on Promising Fatty Liver Treatment Results
10.lynymark 05/31/2018
News is excellent
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