1. 48ncrebs
2. RobinFromTheHood
3. GarryPierce
4. ggordon100
5. lionrunner4947
1.ggordon100 01/12/2018
Ortho Dermatologics Announces U.S. FDA Filing Acceptance For IDP-121 Acne Treatment In Lotion Form
2.RobinFromTheHood 11/02/2017
Let's buck this trend
3.lionrunner4947 01/25/2018
Bearish Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (VRX) Analyst Sent Shares Tumbling
4.GarryPierce 11/07/2017
NEWS: Valeant has officially given up its $1 billion bet on the ‘female Viagra’
5.ggordon100 12/08/2017
This used to be $240!
6.GarryPierce 10/18/2017
Concern Over 's Financial Controls 'Likely Just Noise,' Says Cantor - {Link}
7.GarryPierce 03/01/2018
2018 Guide Shows Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (VRX) Still in the Woods for "Another Turnaround Year"
8.RobinFromTheHood 10/19/2017
Unless it bounces significantly to change trend, no point in buying.
9.ggordon100 01/25/2018
Now that's good news.
10.RobinFromTheHood 02/28/2018
Crappy day
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