1. yungchingchingus
2. chuckiejo44
3. craymonk
4. colts7994
5. wasserleiche
1.yungchingchingus 01/26/2018
guess 10% drop not all that bad
2.colts7994 03/22/2018
Vuzix Issues Business Activities Update
3.chuckiejo44 03/16/2018
Reports Q4 net loss of $5.9 mln vs net loss of $6.3 mln yr ago. Misses on revenues.
4.yungchingchingus 01/23/2018
Breakout today
5.chuckiejo44 01/10/2018
Vuzix Showcases Alexa-enabled Vuzix Blade™ Smart Sunglasses at CES
6.chuckiejo44 01/11/2018
Vuzix Blade™ Named Best AR
7.yungchingchingus 01/29/2018
heading up from bottom
8.chuckiejo44 01/17/2018
This is some coool tech
9.craymonk 04/10/2018
Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses Selected by Oracle as Part of Service Cloud Showcase at ModernCX
10.craymonk 01/29/2018
Vuzix Announces Closing of Above Market $30,000,000 Offering
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