1. Investorrow
2. ChenTrader84
3. deadRinger
4. apcashri
5. mystic494
1.deadRinger 06/08/2018
Verizon's surprise CEO pick shows that it's banking on 5G over content and outsiders over insiders
2.apcashri 03/20/2018
Verizon Retiree-Shareholders Seek to Curb Above Market Executive Pay, Punish Misconduct
3.ChenTrader84 03/13/2018
Guggenheim initiates as a buy, $58PT
4.Investorrow 07/02/2018
Barron's sees the company generating higher cash flow after intense network investments.
5.Investorrow 02/12/2018
Another step toward mobile 5G service: Verizon, Nokia and Qualcomm complete first call using 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio technology
6.Investorrow 02/08/2018
Groundbreaking Docu-Series
7.Investorrow 01/23/2018
Verizon closes 2017 with strong wireless customer growth and retention, well-positioned in new markets
8.deadRinger 01/26/2018
Let's talk...
9.ChenTrader84 06/18/2018
Verizons latest unlimited plan should appeal to streaming media fans.
10.mystic494 11/02/2018
Will Verizon Stock Holders Benefit From the 5G Bump?
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