1. vaughan8428
2. eTruth
3. aceinvestor
4. kuko9811
5. tayraysdad7947
1.eTruth 01/26/2018
Energous Corporation Completes $40 Million At-The-Market Equity Offering
2.eTruth 12/27/2017
San Jose company's stock soars 168% after FCC OKs its wire-free charging tech
3.eTruth 02/15/2018
Earnings !!! :)
4.kuko9811 02/15/2018
5.aceinvestor 12/27/2017
6.aceinvestor 01/08/2018
Dialog Semiconductor Plc.: FCC Certification of Energous Wireless Power-At-A-Distance Unlocks Complete System Chip Set Solution Roadmap from Dialog Semiconductor
7.tayraysdad7947 02/20/2018
Loading more while we are in this range
8.aceinvestor 12/29/2017
Shorts had their day today
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