1. captureME
2. lachevy2x2sr90
3. mypasswordjoey
4. shovelandbanjo
1.lachevy2x2sr90 04/12/2018
Announces it has won $745 Million in new business in past four quarters
2.captureME 04/05/2018
WABCO Extends Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sinotruk, a Leading Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer in China
3.lachevy2x2sr90 01/11/2018
New Long-Term Agreement
4.captureME 02/16/2018
WABCO's Outstanding Growth in 2017 Powers Record Sales; Solidly Outperforms Global Commercial Vehicle Market; Delivers Record Operating Income; Provides Guidance for 2018
5.lachevy2x2sr90 03/07/2018
WABCO Signs its Largest Ever Fleet Management Solutions Contract to Equip Girteka Logistics across Europe
6.captureME 02/09/2018
Ok... nice start
7.captureME 06/21/2018
WABCO Extends Long-Term Supply Agreement for Automated Manual Transmission Control Technology with Leading Global Original Equipment Manufacturer; Contract Expected to Run Until End of 2027
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