1. dwright29
2. mikecress
3. victory71
4. ac9339
5. shute279
1.ac9339 01/30/2018
2.victory71 01/25/2018
Company Sees 2018 EPS $13.50-14.00 vs $13.48
3.mikecress 01/30/2018
Wow, nice news.... they are bullish
4.shute279 06/13/2018
Western Digital Helps Shape the Future of Large-Scale Cloud Infrastructure
5.victory71 01/26/2018
Spilling the beans.
6.dwright29 01/26/2018
Cowen & Company
7.dwright29 06/19/2018
Western Digital Enables Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Video Surveillance with New High-Capacity Products
8.berens90997 01/25/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.16 and beats on revenues
9.shute279 07/27/2018
Authorizes new $5 bln share repurchase program
10.dwright29 02/02/2018
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