1. WayOfTheLIGHT
2. tgaller65
3. umberjacques
4. clarkfan
1.clarkfan 11/07/2017
Didnt know they offered this type of service
2.umberjacques 01/04/2018
NEWS!! $WPCS - UPDATE -- DropCar Launches DropCar Premier, a Total Vehicle Care and Valet Subscription Service
3.umberjacques 10/19/2017
Fantastic article.
4.tgaller65 11/22/2017
Back to close to where it was prior to merger announcement, unbelievable
5.tgaller65 11/22/2017
Stairs up, elevator down
6.tgaller65 10/05/2017
This is the motivation behind why im collecting this low float. Hot sector and a BIG Breakout around the bend...
7.umberjacques 11/22/2017
Sold at 1.82 yesterday
8.umberjacques 10/05/2017
It has just 2.7M shares float.
9.clarkfan 10/18/2017
This is going to be much more than just parking Think Uber Jobs.... parking, deliveries, transports, etc
10.tgaller65 11/22/2017
So the stock price has to be above $4 for the merger to take place?
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