1. anelye9845
2. dddimensions
3. aquarian450202
4. 7945mondine
5. dey1
1.dddimensions 01/30/2018
Vertical Group initiates as a sell
2.7945mondine 02/01/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.09 and slightly beats on revenues
3.aquarian450202 01/30/2018
Credit Suisse raises PT to $48 from $34
4.anelye9845 03/13/2018
loaded shares yesterday
5.chaiwen1675 10/31/2017
Up afterhours
6.dddimensions 10/31/2017
Happy Halloween! {Image}
7.7945mondine 01/30/2018
Lmfao!! Such oversoldness
8.dey1 02/01/2018
Cowen & Company
9.7945mondine 02/18/2018
Huge move Friday
10.dddimensions 02/16/2018
a 14.29% gain.
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