1. lotsofluck
2. MindHealthYourself
3. whnmil13
4. rickdl476
5. rdeenb
1.whnmil13 01/16/2018
Should have known
2.MindHealthYourself 11/10/2017
Short restriction never does anything in my opinion
3.MindHealthYourself 01/30/2018
Fibrocell Announces FDA Allowance to Initiate Pediatric Enrollment in Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial of FCX-007 for the Treatment of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB)
4.MindHealthYourself 11/10/2017
Missed estimates = crushed
5.MindHealthYourself 03/30/2018
ActoBio Therapeutics Greenlighted by FDA to Commence a Phase Ib/IIa Trial with AG019 for the Treatment of Early Onset Type 1 Diabetes
6.rickdl476 01/30/2018
Deplorable, I dont get this stock
7.lotsofluck 11/10/2017
Short restriction on Monday and the stock is oversold PLUS at all times lows
8.lotsofluck 01/19/2018
Closing of Public Offering
9.rdeenb 08/09/2018
Misses EPS loss estimates by $0.28 and misses on revenues
10.MindHealthYourself 01/30/2018
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