1. rublemizers456
2. minerhan
3. mallensoundservi
4. gclefty
5. paperback
1.rublemizers456 10/20/2017
Price Target
2.minerhan 08/01/2018
in again?
3.minerhan 04/03/2018
Zendesk Surpasses $500M Annual Revenue Run Rate; Continues Enterprise Expansion With New AI-Powered Enterprise Self-Service Product
4.mallensoundservi 02/07/2018
Morgan Stanley
5.mallensoundservi 06/07/2018
Zendesk Launches Workflow and Collaboration Tools to Help Enterprises Deliver Better Customer Experience at Scale
6.minerhan 02/07/2018
this will work for the next year
7.rublemizers456 02/06/2018
Beats EPS loss estimates by $0.03 and beats on revenues
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