1. AaronFrasier
2. freebritt
3. eduroute
4. bjnichol
5. dgs45837946
1.AaronFrasier 02/14/2018
Closed Position
2.freebritt 07/27/2018
Big Short's Steve Eisman is betting against real estate listings website Zillow Group Inc.
3.eduroute 01/26/2018
KeyBanc raises to overweight
4.AaronFrasier 05/07/2018
Zillow Group First Quarter 2018 Revenue Increased 22% Year-Over-Year
5.freebritt 08/07/2018
announced plans to acquire a national mortgage lender.
6.freebritt 06/25/2018
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has completed its RESPA/CFPA investigation
7.AaronFrasier 11/07/2017
Holding steady around $40
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