1. ChartTracks
2. azbusi54
3. farleyfam
4. SaulGoodman
5. warrenholland
1.azbusi54 02/01/2018
Some subsequent events worthy of noting
2.farleyfam 02/06/2018
Price will double in no time
3.SaulGoodman 02/06/2018
Not slowing down :) {Image}
4.azbusi54 09/29/2017
Crazy day
5.azbusi54 10/02/2017
Market cap closing in on $1B
6.farleyfam 02/01/2018
Company completes enrollment in second ZX008 Phase 3 clinical trial in dravet syndrome-
7.ChartTracks 09/29/2017
Boom, up 100%+
8.tag8747 07/12/2018
$ZGNX creeping back towards ALL TIME highs...
9.ChartTracks 10/02/2017
This article sums up everything nicely
10.ChartTracks 04/25/2018
Company to present additional data
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