1. TradeChem
2. stocksurfer
3. jdc67999
4. mfry4948
5. supper3638
1.stocksurfer 09/07/2017
Liking what I see for Q2 results!
2.TradeChem 02/07/2018
Reports January comps of +6.3vs +9.4% year ago and +7.9% last month; sees Q4 EPS toward high end of $0.88-0.…
3.TradeChem 02/08/2018
Zumiez Inc. Reports January 2018 Sales Results
4.jdc67999 08/08/2018
Reports July comps of 9.1% vs +5.1% year ago and +2.7% last month
5.TradeChem 09/24/2017
@stocksurfer yup. gonna continue longterm  TradeChem Clicking thumbs up, bookmarking, and following me are all ways of saying, "Hey, thanks!" and is much appreciated!  
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