1. ColoradoColo
2. WayOfTheLIGHT
3. bensynergy
4. pitlove65965
1.pitlove65965 12/12/2017
I am excited about the FatBurger deal
2.bensynergy 11/15/2017
They are really advancing their blockchain tech and board members
3.bensynergy 10/01/2017
This did just file a patent for process that allows orders and payments initiated from traditional websites on any platform to be secured via mobile devices utilizing Glance’s robust anti-fraud techno
4.bensynergy 11/13/2017
Pullback was bound to happen
5.ColoradoColo 11/13/2017
Hit $1 then pulled all the way back up to currently $1.17, nice sign
6.ColoradoColo 11/10/2017
What is the market cap if they have stock in both the US and Canada? How does that work?
7.ColoradoColo 10/01/2017
$1,400,000 raise
8.ColoradoColo 11/15/2017
Square reinstitutes bitcoin purchases
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