1. bricklayer
2. sunstocks
3. house888flipper
4. AaronFrasier
5. sealedge
1.fpratt 01/26/2018
I agree this should have moved more on news, 500 x $10,000 = $5mil!
2.SteamGreenlight5 01/26/2018
news is news - Riot Blockchain Wins 500 Bitcoins in U.S. Marshals Service Auction
3.bricklayer 02/16/2018
It does seem fishy {Image}
4.house888flipper 10/10/2017
Selling half when I see 100% free ride the rest.
5.SteamGreenlight5 12/18/2017
Traders dream here
6.bricklayer 10/18/2017
Blockchain here to stay
7.bricklayer 01/17/2018
Transaction with Publicly Traded Cresval Capital Corp.
8.sealedge 02/01/2018
in again. lets go up now
9.sunstocks 12/11/2017
Up 45%
10.sunstocks 10/14/2017
Anyone use coinbase yet?
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