1. 007Bondsman
2. antoniecindyus
3. cheek238
4. ajwicks
1.cheek238 03/20/2018
So when did you get out @007Bondsman? I might have missed my opportunity big time.
2.007Bondsman 03/20/2018
@cheek238 late Jan i took my profits and ran like Forrest. CHFS started plummeting and continues to tumble.
3.007Bondsman 03/20/2018
Thoughts on results? - CHF Solutions, Inc. Announces 11.4 Percent Revenue Growth for its Fourth Quarter and Provides Company Update
4.antoniecindyus 05/15/2018
CHF Solutions, Inc. Fulfills First Commercial Orders for Italy and Asia
5.007Bondsman 03/20/2018
Poo. lol those are my thoughts. glad i got out when i did.
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