1. ralco4
2. naimadus
3. hppytravels
4. fox27run
5. barthouse
1.fox27run 05/15/2018
Chardan Capital raises price target to $72.50 from $25
2.hppytravels 01/23/2018
Thoughts on this news?
3.hppytravels 02/26/2018
nice way to start the week.
4.ralco4 01/04/2018
Pricing details
5.barthouse 01/24/2018
Bit parabolic right now, thinking a pullback soon, or at least an offering
6.ralco4 01/24/2018
Hopefully it settles in the mid 30s
7.ralco4 01/28/2018
One of the hottest stocks in 2018 (up 68%) continued its torrid pace this past week
8.ralco4 01/03/2018
Of course they drop the secondary
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