1. ItsNewman
2. fishingregg
3. EquaFail
4. kristi1977
5. tybuy84
1.fishingregg 10/05/2017
Big data analytics; cyber and building security... {Video}
2.EquaFail 11/13/2017
Good range to buy
3.fishingregg 10/19/2017
Still watching
4.ItsNewman 01/19/2018
Industry overview - Internet of Things Market Projected to Grow
5.ItsNewman 10/05/2017
On lots of radars
6.ItsNewman 09/25/2017
Positive squeeze alert!
7.fishingregg 02/15/2018
Inpixon Prices $18M Public Offering
8.ItsNewman 10/19/2017
Would like to get confirmation about INPX venturing into AI.... a contract with AI would send this back to dollar land real fast, but will it happen
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