1. walkingsnowyball
2. chae69933
3. jestinthyme
4. dudean242
1.chae69933 01/18/2018
and now? we sit below the offering price already
2.chae69933 02/02/2018
Good luck longs, closed near low
3.walkingsnowyball 01/30/2018
flipping this one
4.walkingsnowyball 01/18/2018
Inspired Entertainment Announces Pricing of Public Offering by Selling Stockholders
5.jestinthyme 02/02/2018
i sold, broke support
6.walkingsnowyball 02/02/2018
7.walkingsnowyball 02/02/2018
Inspired Virtual Sports Live With Veikkaus
8.walkingsnowyball 02/02/2018
Inspired Entertainment, Inc. Reports Strong First Quarter 2018 Results DETAILS
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