1. cathy4590
2. franklola4509
3. usbenuux0bypl
4. scottaln93
5. yoyoxiao49
1.scottaln93 01/18/2018
Sorry to the longs, $5.50 sucks
2.yoyoxiao49 01/23/2018
these guys dont know how to run a business obviously
3.cathy4590 01/22/2018
Price target set at $11, more than double from here
4.scottaln93 01/22/2018
Obalon Therapeutics, a commercial-stage medical device company, focuses on developing and commercializing medical devices to treat obese and overweight people by facilitating weight loss. It offers th
5.usbenuux0bypl 01/25/2018
Northland Capital raises to market perform
6.yoyoxiao49 03/07/2018
7.usbenuux0bypl 01/23/2018
Shocker, sell rating
8.cathy4590 01/05/2018
Very good news.
9.franklola4509 01/16/2018
10.cathy4590 01/18/2018
News out today on pricing
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